Tom Cottrell

Tom CottrellResearch, development and innovation describe both Tom’s career and his approach to projects for clients.

Tom’s first career was as a laser physicist where he developed and perfected laser products for market.

Using his same research and development talents, he entered the wine industry in the Napa Valley, founding the Cuvaison Winery. While starting Pine Ridge Winery, Tom convinced the Napa Planning Commission to use new guidelines that are still the industry standard for wastewater requirements.

Tom in OfficeThese innovative talents led to his becoming Cornell’s first professor of Enology, helping to establish new wineries on Long Island and the Finger Lakes region, improving laboratory and wine standards.  He has continued as an industry innovator and leader.

He expanded a Sonoma county winery from 14,000 to 65,000 cases per year, and a Rhode Island winery from 12.000 to 35,000 cases/year.

In 2005 the University of Kentucky recruited Tom to help develop the infant wine industry in Kentucky, which grew from 15 wineries then, to 72 wineries now.

Tom At Indy CompetitionOperating WineDoc® Winery Consulting, Tom is doing winemaking consulting, winery startups, winery design, equipment specification and pro forma financial projections.

As a winemaking authority and educator Tom has written 31 articles on winemaking and on laboratory procedures for wine trade magazines, given over 170 presentations at wine conferences, symposia and seminars, and judged in over 70 wine competitions, as well as running 15 wine competitions in both the East and the West.

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