Winery Seminars

Seminars by Tom Cottrell, Ph.D.


2/28    Keeping Oxygen Out!, Nashville, TN
2/28    MLF Advances, Nashville, TN


9/26   Advances in Bulk Wine Storage
5/22   Harvest Time
1/6     Wine Progress in Kentucky
1/6     Managing SO2
1/6     Probable Errors in Lab Tests
1/6     How O2 Kills (or Helps) Wine
1/6     Headspaces


11/26 Making Wine For Fun
10/6   Perspectives on Handling Wine
10/4   How O2 Hurts (or Helps) Wine
10/2   A Brief Story of Making Wine
9/25   A Brief History of Modern Wine
3/11   Some Winemaking Info
3/8     Winemaking Procedures
2/7     The Kentucky Wine Situation: 1798 to 2013
1/6     Small Winery Wine Improvement


11/20  Whitley County Extension Office, Williamsburg, KY, “Making Beer & Wine”
10/12  UK Ag. Sci. Ctr. N, Lexington, KY, “Winery Basics”
10/9    Capital Cellars, Frankfort, KY, “Tasting Wine”
10/2    UK Master Gardeners, UK Arboretum, Lexington, KY, “The Status of KY Wineries”
3/6      KVS Meeting at E. S Good Barn, Lexington, KY,  “Grape Contracts”, “Wine Marketing”


10/26  AICHE Meeting, Midland MI, “Winemaking from the Perspective of the Small Winery”
8/18    Master Gardener Association & Grayson County Extension Service, Leitchfield, KY, “From Vine to Wine”
8/8      Whitely County Extension Office, Williamsburg, KY “Home Winemaking”
7/30    Talon Winery, Shelbyville, KY, “Winemaking in Kentucky”
7/29    Ag & HES Alumni, Atwood Hill Winery, Morning View, KY, “Winemaking in Kentucky”
6/21    Talon Winery, Lexington, KY, “Wine Basics”, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
6/6      Pacific NW Enology Conference, Hollywood Schoolhouse, Woodinville, WA, “Winemaking in Cool Climates”, 2 Hours, “Color and Mouthfeel, SO2 Use”, 2 hours
5/11     KASEP Meeting, Lovers Leap Winery, Lawrenceberg, KY, “Wine in Kentucky”
4/13     UK, Lexington, “A Short Course on Wine for Travelers in France”, “Basic Laboratory Methods”, “More Basic Methods: Sugar, TA, Nitrogen”, “Harvest Preparations, Heat Stability, Cold Stability”, “Focus on Free SO2”, “Wine pH and Soil pH.”
3/3-3/5 Kearney, Nebraska, 14th Annual Nebraska Winery & Grape Growers Forum & Trade Show: Holiday Inn Convention Center, “Basic Lab Methods”, “The Story of Brix”, “Harvest Preparations”, “Stabilizing Wine”, “Free SO2″
1/19     Dan Crocker’s Rancho, Franklin, KY, “Key Steps in Winemaking”, “Red Grapes and Berry Wine”, “Lab work”, “Titrations”, “Fermenting High Alcohol Wines!”
1/2, 1/3 Embassy Suites, Lexington, KY, Fruit & Vegetable Growers Conference & Trade Show, “Crucial Safe Winemaking Practices”, “Wine Tasting”, “Some Lab Procedures”


12/17   Intervale Center, Burlington, VT, “Small Winery Management”, and “Small Winery Options”, Success on Farms
11/9     Capital Cellars, Frankfort, KY, “Winemaking in Kentucky”
8/15     Soc. of Retired Agronomists, Joseph Beth Cafe, Lexington, KY “Winery Development in Kentucky”
4/16     Winery and Wine Distribution Law Conference, Sheraton Westport Plaza Hotel, St. Louis, MO “Kentucky Wine Law”
4/15     Four Rivers Center, Paducah, KY “Grand Tasting with Kentucky and Other Wines”
1/3       KY Fruit & Vegetable Growers Conference and Trade Show, Embassy Suites, Lexington KY, “Basic Lab Work and Lab Equipment List”


12/9     UK, Lexington, KY “Wine Colors- Red Wine Evolutions”
12/7     UK, Lexington, KY “Wine Colors- Sources”
8/8       Home Winemakers Meeting, Letcher County Extension Office, Whitesburg, KY “Winemaking”
8/1       2009 KVS Growers Meeting & Symposium, Lovers Leap Winery, Lawrenceburg, KY “Managing Free SO2”
7/23     WKWA Meeting, Purple Toad Winery, Paducah, KY “Winery Design & Operatio
3/27     UK, Lexington, KY “Some Comments on Wine for Travel in France”
3/21     KVS Growers Meeting, E. S. Good Barn, UK, Lexington, KY “Grape Contracts”
3/13     Wineries Unlimited, King of Prussia, PA “Winery Planning, Design & Expansion, Equipment and Design Integration”
1/28     Richmond Rotary Club, Richmond, KY “Wine! In Kentucky?”
1/5       2009 KY Fruit & Vegetable Conference & Trade Show, Embassy Suites Hotel, Lexington, KY “Key steps in Winemaking”, and “Red Grapes and Berry Wine”


10/18   UK Alumni Home Coming, Lexington, KY “Winemaking in Kentucky”,
9/17     The Rancho, Franklin, KY “Overview of the steps in Winemaking”,
8/25     Montgomery County Cooperative Extension, Mt. Sterling, KY “Winemaking Procedures”
8/18     Montgomery County Cooperative Extension, Mt. Sterling, KY “Winemaking for Fun!”
5/13     Capital Cellars, Frankfort, KY “Microbes and Wine and SO2”
4/11     UK, Lexington, KY “Wine Basics for France Travel”,
3/19     UK, Lexington, KY “So, You Want to Start a Winery?”
2/15     2008 Tennessee Viticultural & Oenological Society Annual Meeting, Airport Marriot, Nashville, TN “Winery Building Layout” and “Winery Business Planning”
1/7       2008 KY Fruit and Vegetable Growers Conference and Trade Show, Embassy Suites, Lexington KY  “Recovering Damaged Wines”,


10/22   Capital Cellars, Frankfort, KY “Kentucky Winery Association”
7/26     UK College of Ag. All-Commodity Field Day, Princeton, KY “Winemaking. At Home or Otherwise”
6/19     Washington County Extension Office, Springfield, KY “Winemaking. At Home or Otherwise”
6/13     Joint Meeting: KDA – KGWC, Ch. de Vieux Corbeau Winery, Danville, KY “Marketing Small KY Wineries”
6/1        Wickland Estate, Bardstown, KY “Wine Tasting 101”
4/12     Acres of Land Winery, Richmond, KY “Tasting Wine”
4/5       UK, Lexington, KY “Some Inputs on Wine for Travelers to France”
1/18     Mid America Fruit Growers Conference, Excelsior Springs, MO “Basics of Tasting & Judging”, and “Small Winery Design Basics”
1/8       2007 Fruit and Vegetable Grower Conference & Trade Show, Holiday Inn, Lexington, KY “SO2 Use” and “Bottling Stable Wine”

Enology Review, Campbell County Extension Office, Newton, KY and Washington County Extension Office, Springfield, KY, 2-hour sessions:
2/17     Session 1 “pH and SO2”
3/24     Session 2 “Pad and Sterile Filtration”
4/7       Session 3 “pH Control and Acid changes”
4/21     Session 4 “Cleaning and Sanitizing, Fining and Bottling”
5/12     Session 5 “Equipment: Processing and Laboratory”
6/2       Session 6 “Yeast and Yeast management”


8/31     NAFEX – SFF Meeting, Holiday Inn, Lexington, KY “Winemaking. At Home or Otherwise”
8/1       Twilight Horticulture Meeting, UK South Farm, Lexington, KY “Wine Grape Evaluation”
7/22     Summer KVS Meeting, Talon Winery, Lexington, KY “Wine Evaluation”
4/5       Ag. Sci. Ctr. N, Lexington, KY, Seminar for students of PLS 520: “So, You Want to Start a Winery?”
1/27 St. Clair Medical Center Wine Tasting, Sheltowee Country Club, Morehead, KY “Comparing Wines from Around the World”
1/10     2006 KY Fruit and Vegetable Grower Conference & Trade Show, Holiday Inn North, Lexington, KY “Winery Foibles?”, and “Key Steps in Winemaking”


11/10   Franklin County Extension Office, Frankfort, KY, for Northern Kentucky Extension Agents: “Key Steps in Making Wine” and “Winery Design Considerations”
10/28   Ag. Sci. Ctr. N, Lexington, KY, for the faculty of the Horticulture Dept. Seminar: “Enology Extension at the University of Kentucky”
10/21   Kentucky Ag Development Board, Frankfort, KY, in conjunction with Dr. Kaan Kurtural, for the Kentucky Legislative Research Committee: “The State of Kentucky Wineries”
10/12   Radio Script: for Agricultural Communications Dept. of the College of Agriculture at UK: “The Kentucky Wine Story”
9/17     University of Kentucky Department of Horticulture, Fall Viticulture and Enology Meeting, Springfield, KY
9/10     Washington County Cooperative Extension Office “The Basics of Small Winery Set-up: Some Do’s and Don’ts” and “Harvest Indices for Commercial Wine Production”
8/27 Northern Kentucky Wine & Grape Growers Association, NKW&GGA, At Lost Heritage Winery: “Avoidance and Alleviation of Microbial Problems” and “The Last Six Weeks”
8/6       St Vincent’s Vineyard, in Willisburg, KY, for the Kentucky Wine Alliance, KWA: “The Importance of pH and Free SO2″ and “Wine Grape Harvest Criteria”


11/6     Seminars for the University of Nebraska workshop,Lincoln, Nebraska: “Instrumentation in the Vineyard and the Winery”, “Fundamentals of Winery Instrumentation”, “Advanced Wine Measurements”
6/6       Seminars for the Winery Design and Planning Workshop, sponsored by Virginia Tech and Penn State at College Park, PA: “Winery Start-up Considerations”, “Equipping a Small Winery”
3/18     Organized and chaired an all-day program for Wineries Unlimited, at Lancaster, PA: “Advanced Winemaker’s Management Seminar: The Role of Yeast and Enzymes in Wine Development”
3/15     Seminar for Wineries Unlimited Newcomers Day, Lancaster, PA: “Required Analyses for Beginners”
3/5-6   Seminars for Nebraska Winery and Grape Growers Forum, in Kearney, Nebraska: “Small Winery Realities”, “Equipment and Techniques to Improve Quality, and Reduce Labor”


11/15   Seminars for Golden Hills Research, Conservation & Development, at Council Bluffs, Iowa: “Small Winery Design Basics”, “Equipment You Need to Operate an Ideal Winery”, “Financial Expectations in Starting a Small Winery”
8/13     Seminar for Penn State Extension at Stewartstown, PA: “A Winemaker’s Perspective on the Last Six Weeks of the Growing Season”
8/9       Seminar for the American wine Society, Rochester, NY: “Avoiding Common Wine Faults”
6/6       Organized and chaired an all-day program for Vineyard & Winery Management Magazine, at Waterloo, NY: “Cabernet Franc Wines – Fermenting and Selling”
5/31     Seminars for Winery Planning and Design Workshop, Leesburg, VA, for Virginia Tech: “Equipping a Small Winery”, “Winery Start-up Considerations”
3/16     Seminars for Wineries Unlimited, Lancaster, PA: “Managing Phenolics and Flavors in Red Wine Fermentations”, “Deciding What Kind of Winery to Become”
3/1       Seminars for the Maryland Grape Growers Assoc. Annual Meeting in Clarksville, MD: “Wine Analysis”, “Brettanomyces/Dekkera Analysis”
2/24     Seminar and Tasting for the Heartland 2003 Wine School, sponsored by Purdue University at the Oliver Winery in Bloomington, IN: “Management of Wine Tannins, with Wine Examples”, “Demonstration of the Reflectoquant II Wine Analysis System”


7/20     Vineyard & Winery Management Magazine’s “Summer Seminar” at Niagara College, Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON “Elementary Analysis”
3/13     Seminars for Wineries Unlimited, Lancaster, PA: “The Quintessential Wine Lab”, “Avoidance and Alleviation of Microbial Wine Problems”


10/31   An All-day Laboratory Methods Symposium for the wineries of Southeastern Pennsylvania, at Manatawny Creek Winery in Douglassville, PA.
8/10     A one-hour lecture on Microbes and SO2 for AWS, in Rochester, NY.
6/15-17  Three day symposium for the Nebraska Winery Association with Murli Dharmadhikari and Kimberley Rey, SMSU, at Lincoln, Nebraska.
4/21-22 Two-Day Symposium for the Rocky Mtn Winery Assoc., Grand Junction, CO: “Start-up Considerations for new Wineries”, “Winemaking Procedures”, “Microbes & Wine”
3/20-23 Seminars: for Wineries Unlimited, Lancaster, PA: “Common Wine Flaws and How to Avoid Them”,  “Vine and Wine Nitrogen and Must Health” with Mark Chien, PA Extension Viticulturist.  “Protocols, Tools and Methods of Filtration”, with Dana Keeler – Heron Hill, and Brad McCarthy – White Hall Vineyards
3/10     Seminar for Lime Hollow Nature Center, Cortland, NY: ” Microbes and Wine”
3/3       Seminar for New Growers Workshop, CU Cooperative Extension, Waterloo, NY: “What Kind of Grapes do Wineries Want?”


Seminars: for Cornell University’s Wine Workshop, Geneva, NY: “Settling White Wines”, “Inert Gas Distribution”


Seminar for Wineries Unlimited, Lancaster, PA “The Top Problems in Small Wineries”
One-day symposia for Vineyard & Winery Management Magazine, Santa Rosa, CA, “From Grass to Glory: Sauvignon Blanc”
Sacramento, CA, “Red Bordeaux Varieties Workshop”


One-day symposia: for Vineyard & Winery Management Magazine
“Managing Phenolics in Cabernet Sauvignon”, Sacramento, CA
“Yeast and Yeast Management”, Santa Rosa, CA


Seminars: Cornell Alumni, Agriculture and Life Sciences, Boston Marriott, Newton, MA: “Production Techniques and Their Impact on the Flavor of Wine”
Burgess Tasting Group, North Providence, RI: “The Characteristics of Wine”


Wine Course, 4 x 2 Hrs, Learning Connection, Providence, RI: “Taste and Know Wines”
Seminar for Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI: “The Characteristics of Wine” with cooking demo
Wine Course, 4 x 2 Hrs, Learning Connection, Providence, RI: “Appreciating Wine”
Wine Course, 4 x 2 Hrs, Learning Connection, Providence, RI: “Winemaking in Small Lots”


Wine Course, 4 x 2 Hrs, Learning Connection, Providence, RI: “Winemaking in Small Lots”
Seminar for Boston University, Boston, MA: “Cool Climate Wine Growing”


Half-day seminar for Wineries Unlimited, Philadelphia, PA: “New Technology in Winemaking”
Seminar for the Rhode Island Hospitality Council, Newport, RI: “Winemaking in New England”


Seminar for the Sonoma County Wine Technical Group, Santa Rosa, CA: “Effects of Barrel Fermentation Techniques”


A.S.E.V. / Eastern Section, Mississauga, Canada: “Perceived Sweetness and Sourness in White Wine using a Rotatable Sample Design in a Response Surface Methodology”
A.S.E.V. / Eastern Section, Mississauga, Canada: “A Survey of Eastern Wines for pH, Titratable Acidity, and Free and Total Sulfur Dioxide”
A.S.E.V., Reno, Nevada: “Ultraviolet Spectra of White Riesling Wine Subjected to Various Heat Treatments and Bentonite Fining”
Vitic. & Enol. Short Course, Rutgers, New Brunswick, NJ: “Crucial Steps in Winemaking”
N.Y.S.A.E.S. Wine Workshop, Geneva, NY: “Protein Stability.”
Am. Wine Soc. Dundee, NY: “What is This Stuff in My Wine?”
Hudson River Region Wine Council, Marlboro, NY: “Important Steps in Winemaking.”
Long Island Agricultural Forum, Riverhead, NY: “Determinations of Wine Quality”


Canadian Oenological Society, Niagara Falls, Canada: “Chemical Indices of Wine Quality”
Ulster County Cooperative Extension Program, Kingston, NY: “Producing Quality Wines in the Hudson Valley”, “Choosing Wine Types for the Future”
Penn State Wine Seminar, University Park, PA: “Some Common Problems in (small) Wineries”
Vegetable Crops Department, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY: “Wine Evaluation Techniques”
Long Island Agricultural Forum, Riverhead, NY: “Dealing with Must Characteristics in Vinification”
Rochester Section of the American Society for Quality Control, Rochester, NY: “Aspects of Wine Quality”


Cornell Grape Day, Keuka Park, NY: “What’s Happening with New York State Wines?”
Ohio State Wine Workshop, Columbus, Ohio: “Sterile Bottling: Is it Possible?”
Long Island Agricultural Forum, Riverhead, NY: “Winery Start-up Problems”
New York Horticultural Science Society, Albany, NY: “Winery Progress in New York State”


“Wineries Unlimited”, Arlington, VA: “The Use and Design of Cooperage and Pumps”