Business Resources

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Presque Isle Wine Cellars

Source for good information. Older than dirt, PIWC does a great job for small wineries. While the web store is very good, just call to get good answers.

Carolina Wine Supply

the Southeast’s complete winery supply company, specializes in all commercial winery equipment and supplies, from major processing machinery to bottling lines, pumps, etc., and a full range of processing chemicals.

New World Winery Equipment

Good machinery and winery items. Joe Lutomske has assembled an array of sound equipment and materials for wineries, and a useful website for inquiring minds.

Wineries by Location

There are two standard methods of classifying wines – by region, and by grape type. In established areas, wines are strictly defined by where they’re grown.

European Wineries

Learn about the wine regions of Europe.

American Wineries

Find wineries in America.