Welcome to WineDoc® – Winery Consulting

People come to WineDoc to get solutions to commercial winemaking problems, or to develop a commercial winery.

WineDoc covers all phases of winemaking, from harvest to bottling.

Services Include

  • Wine production targets, pro forma business plans, building layouts, and equipment specifications and layout
  • Training in all aspects of winemaking, harvest, lab work to sensory evaluation
  • The proven WineDoc Lab Manual, WineDoc Winemaking Protocols and other helpful winemaking information
  • A winemaking lifeline in person, by email, phone or text

Extensive Experience In

  • Fresh fruity white wines, barrel fermented and tank fermented Chardonnay
  • Cabernet Sauvignon, many other red wines, Nouveau, Rosé and Blush
  • Many hybrid wines, fruit wines, and port style wines

Cornell University just named Dr. Cottrell its Distinguished Winemaking Alumnus of the year!

Dr. Tom Cottrell | (859) 533-8759 | tom@winedoc.com